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Solo’s Digital camera Opportunity: The Swiss Army Drone

Solo’s Digital camera Opportunity: The Swiss Army Drone

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A entire lot of individuals ask if Solo can have cameras other than a GoPro®. Limited response: Sure. In reality, Solo has absolutely incredible most likely in this division that no other drone can make contact with. Here’s what you can assume.

The Only Drone Optimized for GoPro

First off, Solo is optimized for GoPro. We developed the Solo Gimbal with GoPro, and we’re fortunate to have the robust connection with them that we do. They gave us entry to the GoPro Herobus, which signifies that Solo is not only the only drone that enables you alter GoPro controls (perfect from our app, as you fly), but it is the only merchandise in the planet that permits you do that.

Moreover, any digicam that suits a GoPro difficult mount and has a micro HDMI enter is appropriate with Solo for aerial images or FPV flight.

Why GoPro? Check out out this internet web site for added info on why we went with GoPro and how to get the most of it.

The future

As opposed to other drones, nonetheless, we have not locked you into 1 digicam — or even 1 gimbal. This was a conscious choice: As drone property owners and pilots, ourselves, a large discomfort stage has been the have to have to invest in a total new drone as digicam technological innovation modifications. We produced a choice not to make you do that.

We gave Solo an open gimbal bay. We realized that if we held Solo fully open to new hardware as successfully as new personal computer computer software, then more than time it could evolve into basically the following iteration of itself. This signifies that the Solo you invest in now will come prepared to have totally new gimbals and cameras. You will not have to invest in a total new drone to get new drone technological innovation.

New cameras

Mainly due to the fact Solo’s gimbal bay is totally open, it is not just 3DR who can establish on Solo. We can make new gimbals for new cameras, of instruction course, but so can any person else. This signifies Solo has the most likely to develop to be a type of Swiss Army Drone for gimbals and cameras, and even new sensors outdoors the visible spectrum.

Again, only Solo presents you this opportunity to broaden the power of your distinctive order as technological innovation improves.

So what cameras and sensors can you assume your Solo to host? Even although we’ve acquired to keep restricted-lipped, I can say that you can assume innovations from us in 2016.

And the finest news: Digital camera technological innovation and drone technological innovation are on converging applications. I have knowledgeable individuals from nicely-liked considerable-conclude (unnamed, sorry) digicam providers notify me that Solo-class consumer drones have established a total new industry location for their sensors. To fulfill this demand from consumers, these providers are striving to strip away as a lot of the housing as feasible to fall the excess weight of their cameras efficiently to just the sensor.

This of course augurs proficiently for Solo’s future. If and when that digicam technological innovation is ready, your Solo will be ready.

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