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The AR Drone Electric Remote Control Helicopter With An On-Board Video Camera – Fun For All Ages

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I wanted to let you know about an amazing electric remote manage helicopter that is positive to bring a ton of entertaining for the entire family members! See why this item is so exceptional and diverse from all other RC toy helicopters, and exactly where to get a single on sale and in time for the holidays.

The AR.Drone is an electric RC helicopter equipped with two constructed-in video cameras and you really fly it making use of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, permitting you to watch the reside video feeds coming straight from the helicopter itself. Yes… completely cool!

I lately just saw this toy at Brookstone, which is the only “brick-n-mortar” retailer that sells this item. This remote manage helicopter is really referred to as a “Quadricopter” due to the fact it is powered with 4 motor propellers. The AR.Drone combines a lot of of today’s most current technologies, bringing you a enjoyable higher-tech toy in the genres of remote manage, modeling, video gaming and augmented reality.

While it would appear “challenging” to manage and fly, the AR.Drone has many technologies and sensors in location to make the flying knowledge effortless and enjoyable! Since you use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device to manage it, steering the helicopter is completed by just tilting your device left and suitable, and then controlling the motion by means of on-screen buttons. And with the two cameras on-board, you can visually see the reside video feed on your Apple device, whilst you are controlling and flying the Quadricopter.

The AR.Drone operates nicely indoors and outdoors. When flying it inside, it comes with a protective “shield” referred to as a “hull”, in case you bump into something inside the residence. In a additional open field outdoors, you can take the complete hull off. It is powered with a lithium-ion battery that need to final about 20 minutes of flying time, so you may well want to think about getting an added battery. And the “remote control” portion is in fact carried out via a Wi-Fi connection in between your iPhone/Touch/iPad and the AR.Drone.

In addition to just possessing entertaining flying the AR.Drone and watching the video feeds, you can also play a assortment of games with it, utilizing compatible applications from the iTunes shop for the AR.Drone. Not only will the children appreciate it, but this is undoubtedly a toy that will bring out the kid in every person.

Source by J. Billy

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