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Commercial Use for Drones

Commercial Use for Drones

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Seven Commercial Use for Drones

In March a federal judge dismissed a fine imposed by the FAA on a drone user for commercial reasons. The agency still believes that drones require some type of regulation when it comes to sharing the airspace, but the ruling was interpreted by some as a precursor to the up-coming commercial use for drones.

Drones are officially known as unmanned air vehicles(UAV’s), they have captured the attention of many hobbyists  and industries, planning on using them to cut down on their costs and bring up their revenue. Drones evidently have endless commercial use, due to their flexibility. Not having an on-board pilot and the ability to do their designated job quickly is certainly one of their many great features businesses are looking at. But there is always a downside to a great innovation. Many citizens are concerned with the idea of anyone being able to own a UAV, since in the wrong hands it could potentially deprive people of their right of privacy.

Despite the disapproval of many individuals and businesses alike here are some of the possibilities drones could be used  for in the near future: 

Air Delivery:

Drones could allow businesses like Amazon and Ebay to deliver their products, not having to hire drivers or use gas. This evidently came down to an FAA standoff. On the other hand the food delivery industry would benefit greatly since they would cut down on the cost of a delivery guy. This might be bad news for the delivery guy but good news to the customers since giving a tip to a drone wouldn’t be necessary.

Internet Service

Drones could be used to provide movable internet service. There would be solar powered air-drones capable of staying hovering in the skies for a period of five years.


You won’t be seeing huge news helicopters at a news scene anymore. News agencies would adapt the new drone technology to deploy them instead of having a huge expensive helicopter that requires a professional pilot to operate them. These drones will also have the ability ti fly at lower altitude and maneuver closer to the scene. Viewers could eventually have a close look into a driver’s car on a high speed chase.


Commercial photography will also benefit from the drone technology. Real estate agents will eventually be contacting someone who could operator drones in order to take aerial pictures of properties.


Even though you don’t need expensive technology or the latest innovation in technology to grow a successful crop, farmers will benefit from the new UAV innovation. Farmers will be able to monitor crop growth.


High flying drones could be used to document and monitor wildlife population growth.


Drones will aid in any search and rescue mission by law-enforcement. Unlike big helicopters drones will have the ability to maneuver in dangerous situations and have a closer look of the terrain.

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