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Paketkopter Drone Delivery Released

Paketkopter Drone Delivery Released

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Paketkopter Drone for Faster Delivery

On 9 Dec, microdrones – a German company, and DHL – an international shipping company, unanimously released the Paketkopter delivery unmanned aircraft system in an event in Bonn, Germany.

In order to avoid the jam-packed roads while crossing waterways, the UAS have been planned to deliver parcels. After being tested for a week, a microdrones aircraft carried 40 parcels to a pharmacy located across the Rhine River. The UAS picked the parcel from the DHL headquarters and covered a distance of 500 meters to deliver it.

The microdrones were authorized to fly in the area and both the military and transportation department were aware of the aircraft flight.

Up to now, DHL has purchased three of the aircraft systems and named it Paketkopter. The high-level technology was based on microdrones’ md4-200 and md4-1000. This new experiment in parcel delivery will make delivery times shorter, and will make the delivery process more effective by eliminating the delays caused by traffic.

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