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Anti-UAS Bill Rejected By Maine Governor

Anti-UAS Bill Rejected By Maine Governor

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UAS Regulation

Among the 21 bills that Paul LePage, Maine Governor vetoed on 9 July, was LD236, an act for the protection of citizens from the unmanned aerial vehicle in domestic uses. The bill was named as “An Act to Protect the Privacy of Citizens from Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Use.” Although LD236 was supposed to go for testing of weaponized UAS from governor’s office according to amendment language, it was rejected.

LePage vetoes were overthrown by the legislature on 10 July. It required a two-thirds vote in both the senate and the house. However, this attempt by the legislature remained unsuccessful.

LePage expressed his views in the veto message as, “This bill steps too far, creating more private rights of action, leading to more lawsuits. Creating more litigation will do nothing to help our overburdened court system, especially when we do not have a drone problem in Maine.”

He also stated that he will be releasing an executive order addressing the commissioner of public safety. The order will focus on the guiding principles for UAV use by law enforcement agencies.


  • Maine and other 21 states crushed out LD236
  • Nine states are still working on it.
  • Five states including Fla., Tenn., Va., Texas and Idaho. passed the bill.
  • The governors of Illinois and Oregon have not yet responded to the anti-UAS bills.
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