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Personal Aerial Drones
This past weekend DARC (@droneconference) hosted its debut Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference at NYU, the first of its kind here in New York City.

Personal Aerial Drones

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Backed by the leading manufacturers of UAVs, Drone Select offers some of the most cutting-edge drone technology available for public use. If you need surveillance solutions, or if you’re just excited about the hobby, flying drones is just as fun as it is interesting, and they’re quickly becoming vital tools in industries all over the world.

DJI Phantom GPS Drone

Capable of flying at distances of 1,000 feet, and fully programmable to return to specific locations, this model is a fantastic choice for hobbyists. With a multi-function camera mount, it’s an excellent option for videographers, as well.


Skybotix CoaX Autonomous UAV Micro Helicopter

A smaller device, the Skybotix is popular for experienced drone enthusiasts. Supporting dual Wi-Fi modules running up to 37 Mbps, this model is a popular option for researchers and educators. With two built-in cameras, the Skybotix can capture videos at 15 frames-per-second.


Turbo Ace X830-D Drone RTF

With no need for assembly, the Turbo Ace is fully programmed and ready to fly—making it one of the most user-friendly flying drones for sale. This unit is ideal for videographers and photographers since it’s powerful enough to carry heavier, more professional cameras. And with a flight time between 20 and 30 minutes on a single battery charge, it can stay airborne longer than most models.


H-King Darkwing

A unique model designed especially for first-person viewing, the Darkwing is capable of carrying different types of cameras and other accessories. Also, the unit has a storage canopy for transporting payloads.


Lehmann LA100 GoPro Drone

The hand-launched Lehmann LA100 operates without a remote control, and it can fly for up to 5 minutes on a charge. It’s one of our more popular flying drones for sale, and it features a GoPro compatible mount and the capability to reach heights above 300 feet.

This GoPro drone is an excellent option for hobbyists looking to capture stunning HD aerial video. Built from carbon fiber and foam, the Lehmann is not only light and easy to transport, but it’s also made to withstand difficult climate conditions and cold temperatures.


Purchasing Your Next Personal Aerial Drones

It’s surprising just how advanced drone technology has become in just a few short years. From basic mini drones to the Arduino Autonomous Quadcopter, these machines are becoming a common sight in homes and businesses around the world.

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