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Video Drones

Video Drones

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At Drone Select, we set the bar for video drones by providing the latest, most innovative UAV designs and information. Drone Select carries models from established manufacturers, and our inventory offers customers the most functional and versatile UAVs on the market.

Almost anyone can operate a UAV, but if you’re after video drones for sale, you may have certain expectations for video quality, flight time and Wi-Fi capability. At Drone Select, we carry models that can fulfill all these needs and more. Impress your audience with high-definition footage from hundreds of feet in the air, captured using a programmed flight path.

Uses for video drones include:

Surveillance Technologies

For security and surveillance, drones offer some of the most effective options for businesses and homes. Camera-equipped UAVs, unlike stationary video cameras, can film blocked angles and can travel throughout areas of different sizes. Our camera drones can provide accurate and real-time footage of a property, and they can be excellent, cost-friendly additions to your security system.

Aerial Video Footage

Aerial drones give novice photographers and videographers access to an entire new world of film. Flying as high as 300 feet, our drones can capture high-definition video on multiple cameras. Each UAV offers a slightly different functionality, but Drone Select works with the best manufacturers to provide the most innovative aerial video footage.

On Film and TV

There has been a growing interest in the use of UAVs to meet the needs of progressive film-makers. And with the freedom and ease of getting great footage for both novice and advanced film, it’s easy to see why. Sports videographers are using UAVs to capture the most exciting moments from never-before-seen angles. With advanced programming options, UAVs can even run along predetermined flight paths to avoid any interference with the action.

Ground Mapping

With a wide inventory of drones that operate off of preprogrammed flight paths, Drone Select can take the hassle out of gathering geographical imaging data. Instead of relying on stock satellite footage, imagine being able to capture real-time photographs of the area you’re surveying.

This past weekend DARC (@droneconference) hosted its debut Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference at NYU, the first of its kind here in New York City.
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