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200 QX


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Product Description

The 200 QX is a compact quadcopter that comes fully equipped with SAFE technology, an electronic flight envelope protection system that ensures a smoother flying experience. With a flight time of 10-15 minutes, the 200 QX is capable of performing in a variety of different flight modes for added operations versatility, including camera, stability, and 3D agility modes (additional modes are now also available with the new firmware software update option). Integrated LED lighting hidden under a translucent fuselage provides both status indication and orientation, and ensures superior visibility during nighttime flights. Though a camera is not included with the Bind-N-Fly version, the 200 QX has been specially designed for compatibility with the E-fliteÎÂ EFC-721 HD camera, and can carry additional payload weight thanks to its four powerful brushless motors. A 5+ channel DSM2ÎÂ – or DSMXÎÂ – compatible transmitter is required for flight. Other features and specifications include:


Additional Information

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Camera Not Included

Type of Drones

Fixed Wing

Battery Life

Under 30 Minutes

Control System

Stand-alone Controller

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