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Aries Blackbird X10

Aries Blackbird X10


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Product Description

The Aries Blackbird X10 is specially designed as a photo/cinema photography quadcopter, complete with FPV capabilities, a 1080p HD video/16MP still camera with single shot and continuous shooting modes, and compatibility with the Aries App, which enables camera control via a real-time camera feed. A wireless flight controller that features two manual joystick controls arrives with the craft, while photo/video can be captured and recorded to a removable 32GB MicroSD/SDHC card either by pressing the camera function key or through the app. Smooth video footage and precision shots are ensured by a number of features designed to minimize craft and camera shake, including a GPS navigation system, 6 axis gyro stability, an integrated flight and camera control set-up, and an advanced flight control system. The Blackbird X10 also boasts an efficient 5300 mAh Lithium battery system, and several safety mechanisms, such as GPS-assisted height/position maintenance, automatic hovering, and a failsafe “return to home” function. Other features and kit components include:


Additional Information

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1080p HD

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Battery Life

Under 30 Minutes

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Stand-alone Controller

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