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Scout X4

Scout X4


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Product Description

The Scout X4 by Walkera is a multi-purpose aircraft that can be modified from 4 motors to 8. It is compatible with both Apple IOS and Android devices, allowing the pilot to conduct waypoint mission planning and designated flight via a touchscreen phone/tablet. The Scout X4 also has the capacity for real-time telemetry, while the new GPS flight control system enables more precise flight and several different flight mode options, including “follow me,” follow track back to home, position hold, object round flight, and return to home. Equipped with an advanced Intelligence Orientation Control (IOC) function that resolves flight problems resulting from a loss of orientation, the Scout X4 also comes with a G-3D gimbal and an iLook+ camera capable of shooting 1080p FPV video. Expect a flight time of 25 minutes. Other features and components of the FPV2 Ground Station Package version include:


Additional Information

Drone Brands



1080p HD

Type of Drones

Fixed Wing

Battery Life

Under 30 Minutes

Control System

Smart Phone/Tablet, Stand-alone Controller

Experience Level



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