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Product Description

The 3DR X8 RTF is a durable multicopter perfect for aerial photography and autonomous flight applications. The improved design arrives fully configured with plug-and-play brushless gimbal compatibility, swept back front arms, and fourteen M3 bolt-on mounting points for greater ease in mounting additional devices. The X8 also features a fixed FPV camera mount, a built-in 12V regulator to power FPV equipment and a gimbal, and increased space for camera and sensor technology. The frame is capable of transforming from an “x” configuration to a new trapezoidal “v” configuration without sacrificing any of the stability of the original model. The new X8 also comes equipped with the advanced Pixhawk autopilot system, GPS navigation, built-in ST MicroelectronicsÎÂ sensor/processor technology, and a NuttX real-time operating system. It contains a full range of autonomous flight modes, including waypoint navigation, loiter, circle, and return to launch, and free mission-planning software that enables virtually unlimited waypoints for reliable, repeatable missions, and flight data analysis.


Additional Information

Drone Brands

3D Robotics


Camera Not Included

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Battery Life

Under 30 Minutes

Control System

Stand-alone Controller

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