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Z15-5D II Gimbal

Zenmuse 2


  • Stabilizes Camera and Keeps Shot Level
  • Control Angle Accuracy: ±0.02°
  • Variable Speed 360° Panning
  • ±360° Tilt/±40° Roll
  • Integrated IMU Module
  • AV Pass-Through for Video Transmitter
  • Remote Shutter Release Operation
  • Three Selectable Control Modes
  • For A2 and WooKong-M Flight Controllers
  • For Octo-rotor Such as S1000 and S800


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Product Description

The DJI Zenmuse Z15-5D II Gimbal, based on the technology of the Zenmuse Z15 series gimbal, inherited its predominant strength/weight ratio because of its unique structural design. This release marks another breakthrough in gimbal systems and the precision range of the control angle is within ±0.02°. When used with DJI A2 professional flight controller and an Octo-copter, it will remain stable and precisely with the highest level of stability in controlling any camera equipment even if the aircraft is in strong wind or at high speed. Undeniably, it is the top choice in professional filming or aerial photography.

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Product Name
Zenmuse Z15-5D
USD $2,999
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