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Z15-N Gimbal

Zenmuse Z15N


High Performance 3-Axis
3-Axis Rotation Control
Built-In Independent Imu Module
Independent Gimbal Controller
HDMI-AV Module

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Product Description

High Performance 3-Axis Professional Gimbal

The DJI Zenmuse Gimbal is a milestone gimbal system which was developed for professional filming, aerial photography and for commercial use. Even if the aircraft is moving at a high speed, it can still stabilize and control the camera equipment precisely with the highest stability possible. The precision of the control angle is within the range of ±0.05°, so picture or video output will always be exactly how you want it.

Multiple Control Modes

The Zenmuse gimbal system has three types of control modes, which are Orientation-locked control mode, Non Orientation-locked control mode and Back to Mid-point mode (Horizontal mode). These three types of modes can be switched quickly from one mode to another to meet the different requirements of aerial photography. With the perfect mode and easy operation of the stable 3-axis Zenmuse gimbal, users can create excellent aerial shots and video.

3-Axis Rotation Control

The 3-axis Zenmuse gimbal system has creative design for its mechanical structure. The slip rings inside avoid the complicated and twisted wiring. All the wires of the power and signal lines are integrated into pipes of the Gimbal, which means the axis can rotate without any limitation. The Yaw control could reach ±360°, the Pitch control could reach ±360°, and the Roll control could reach ±40° (±360° mechanic continuous rotation).

Built-In Independent Imu Module

Due to years of dedication, DJI have created a near-perfect attitude-stabilized algorithm, which, together with a high precision induction device, enables perfect attitude control. Without the requirement of extra installation and connection of extra wires, it is also easy to assemble and it can maintain stable flight.

Independent Gimbal Controller

The separate controller available for the gimbal is connected by the CAN wires with the main controller of DJI autopilot system. According to gimbal attitude feedback, it can control the rotation directions and angles high precisely and also communicate and receive real-time control orders from the main controller of the autopilot system.

HDMI-AV Module

In order to minimize the payload of aircraft, the video output module with expanded features like camera shutter is customized to transform HDMI signal to AV with neat wiring, which ensures the smooth and free movement of the 3 axial Gimbal.

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Zenmuse Z15
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