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Novak Breeze 2206 Wise Motor FPV Racer [Video clip]

Novak Breeze 2206 Wise Motor FPV Racer [Video clip]

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From Novak:

Novak Breeze Wise Motor, developed in 18A BLHeli ESC. This is a take a appear at flight of the 2206 x 2400Kv operating in a Night time Hawk 280 frame, run by a 4S, 1550mah 75C rated battery, operating DAL5045BNV2 props, recording on very hefty Go Professional Hero+ cam. Radio plan is Spektrum DX7s operating with the Serial Satellite Receiver. Flight Handle is the &#8220Flip32&#8243 operating BorisB&#8217s Betaflight.

Take a appear at Pilot Charlie from Novak!


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