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Civilian Drones for Sale

Civilian Drones for Sale

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Like remote-controlled planes and helicopters, drones are an additive hobby, and flight enthusiasts of all ages are quickly getting hooked. Drone Select offers a variety of civilian-model drones, including popular units like the Parrot AR drone. Free to fly in any area you would normally use for other hobby aircrafts, FAA civilian drones offer remote-controlled options and autopilot modes that let them accomplish more tasks and offer more functionality.

If you’re looking for camera drones for sale, Drone Select has different models that are suitable for aerial photography, surveillance or video, and their durable design suits many different environments.

Drones offer the following advantages:

A Fun and Challenging Hobby

Building your own drone from a UAV kit or just from parts can be a fun and rewarding experience. Mastering the art of flying a drone, whether for pure enjoyment or to get some amazing aerial photography and video footage, is made easier with our selection of unmanned drones for sale. 

Aerial Photography

For photographers and flight enthusiasts, we have a great selection of RC UAVs for sale with pre-installed cameras—adding another level to already exciting hobbies. If you’ve ever wanted to take stunning, aerial photographs, drones can get you there easier than many RC planes and helicopters as they’re more user-friendly, especially on model drones with autopilot.

Civilian Surveillance Drones for Sale

Civilian surveillance drones are the next level in security. Whether you need to investigate a large area of property or want to capture predetermined angles, drones have the freedom of not being fixed to a single position like most surveillance cameras.

DJI Phantom 2 Movie Pro

phantomeditedWe equipped Phantom 2 with selection of best components, which guarantee ultimate performance and stressless usage. Copter comes with pre-installed famous dji Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal for GoPro camera stabilization. dji iOSD mini & powerful 400mW 5.8GHz video TX are neatly installed inside on Phantom’s housing. Advanced 7″ monitor with Diversity receiver & installed 2400 mAh battery enables clear view of thescene you want to shoot. Premium set of antennas (CL, SPW & Helical – all in plastic protected version) will enble flawless performance up to 1 km and more.


DJI Phantom 2 Vision

VISION 2The Phantom 2 Vision+ is simple to set up and super easy to fly, making it the first aerial filmmaking system for everyone. Now you can shoot fully stabilized video from the sky, right out of the box. A built-in high precision 3-axis camera stabilization system brings a whole new level of smoothness to your aerials and gives you total creative freedom in the sky.



Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0

With incredible arial acrobatics, the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is a fun and easy to use drone for performing flips and twists. No experience needed to pilot the A.R. because it’s controlled directly from your smart phone. By replacing the complicated standard drone controller, the range of people able to pilot this drone now extends to anyone who wants to fly a drone without going through a harsh learning curve.



SeresRoad CXHOBBY CX-20

SeresRoad CXHOBBY CX-20 The SeresRoad CXHOBBY CX-20 is a very stable but also agile quadcopter. It has a totally flight time of about 15 minutes and a maximum flight speed of about 10 meters per second. The SeresRoad also features an MX autopilot system. The mount for the GoPro camera is also available for a light or similar device.




Walkera Tali H500

Walkera Tali H500This is a sturdily designed Walkera drone with a flight time of about 25 minutes. The remote has a large 5 inch monitor that is used to view the video from the HD camera. Depending on conditions the maximum distance that video can be transmitted is 100 to 300 meters. The Walkera is a sophisticated drone that has many features such as altitude hold mode and autorotation hold mode.





This past weekend DARC (@droneconference) hosted its debut Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference at NYU, the first of its kind here in New York City.
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