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Drones for Sale

Drones for Sale

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Backed by the best manufacturers of drones and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) accessories, Drone Select carries the latest models for videographers, photographers, sports filmers and hobbyists. Our models feature the most sophisticated UAV technology on the market, and they are ideal for a wide range of commercial and personal uses.

Our drones were designed with functionality and versatility in mind, and each model offers unique benefits. We carry drones that feature the following capabilities:

  • Non-stop flight for up to 50 hours
  • Fly heights of up to 300 feet
  • Remote-controlled distances of up to 1,000 feet
  • Wi-Fi technology for easy video transfer
  • Dual-camera options
  • GoPro HD camera mounts
  • Aerial security footage of commercial or residential properties
  • High-definition filming
  • Settings for predetermined flight patterns

We offer the most popular models for commercial and security purposes, and we even carry military-style drones for enthusiasts. Flying UAVs is a hobby that’s just as fun as it is interesting, and with companies like Amazon preparing for drone-based shipping services, these are the technology of the future.

Drone Select offers the following types of drones for sale:

Surveillance Drones for Sale

Like a police helicopter chasing a fleeing vehicle, a UAV can capture angles that ground security just can’t see. They’re also a budget-friendly choice as they reduce labor costs. With predetermined fight patterns, any business or residence can enjoy the benefits of UAV surveillance.

Camera Drones for Sale

With flying drones, any videographer can capture aerial shots that were once only accessible to Hollywood budgets. With mounts for high-definition cameras and customizable flight paths, you can impress your audience in a unique and innovative way.

Civilian Drones for Sale

Built for civilian use, these drones are perfect for any hobbyist that’s ever enjoyed remote-controlled planes or helicopters. With so many kits available, we have a model for any experience level.

Military Drones for Sale

We also have military-style drones, such as the Penguin B UAV: the most powerful and advanced option for non-military buyers.

RC Drones for Sale

Remote-controlled drones are an excellent hobby for any flight enthusiast. Whether you’re already familiar with remote-controlled planes or helicopters, or you’re just starting out, drones offer an interesting and unique experience.

Mini Drones for Sale

We offer a selection of miniature drones in a variety of sizes. Small enough to fly indoors, these are a fantastic choice if you don’t have access to large, outdoor areas.

Video Drones for Sale

If you’re interested in drones that capture video, we have a number of units available that can record high-definition footage while in flight: a great option for surveillance or for capturing gorgeous fly-over video clips of parks, beaches, deserts and more.

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